Our Principal Aerial Photographer has been supplying high quality photography and survey work to a wide range of clients representing the industrial, commercial, scientific, educational and service sectors for over 30 years.

During this time we have worked in almost every part of the British Isles – ranging from the far North of Scotland, through the Western Isles, Argyll & Bute, Clydeside, West Central Scotland, Ayrshire, South-West Scotland, the Irish Republic, North-West England, North and South Wales, the West Midlands and the Bristol area in the west; North-East and East Central Scotland, The Scottish Borders, Northumberland, Tyneside, Yorkshire and Humberside in the east; to the Home Counties, Hampshire and Devon in the south.

We are therefore very familiar with the regional and local variations in the weather, the natural and built environment and other regional characteristics, which can greatly assist us with the planning and interpretation of aerial photography and survey assignments when completing commissions in different parts of the country.

Our Chief Pilot also has wide experience of flying in all parts of the British Isles, and of working into and around the many international and regional airports, local and military airfields and other restricted flying areas. This helps us greatly with the detailed pre-flight planning and liaison with Air Traffic Control and other necessary bodies required when we work away from our home airport.

The comprehensive selection of over 500,000 high quality oblique aerial photographs in our aerial photography library includes collections from each of the above areas.