What We Do

We specialise in very high quality oblique aerial photography, which gives the viewer a detailed panoramic view of an area, site, or even a single building or small feature from a variety of different heights and angles.

We can also carry out vertical and near-vertical aerial photography, which gives the viewer a plan-type view of an area.

Commissioned Aerial Photography
Much of the aerial photography and survey work we carry out is commissioned by clients ranging from multi-national companies recognised as leaders in their respective fields to single individuals. When engaged in this type of work, we can either follow the client’s specific instructions; use our own expertise and fine judgement once over the site; or a combination of both, depending on what has been agreed with the client. In this way we can be relied upon to shoot a selection of photographs to satisfy any requirement.

As we always try to deliver each project as cost-effectively as possible, we can often complete a number of commissions on a single flight, particularly if we are given sufficient notice. In this way we can deliver the very high quality aerial photography and survey work for which we are widely renowned at very competitive prices.

Our Aerial Photography Library
In addition to carrying out a wide range of commissioned work, we also carry out regular flights to collect new and updated aerial photographs to add to our own aerial photography library. New images are being added at anything up to 1,000 per week, whenever flying and weather conditions are favourable, and our library currently contains over 500,000 images covering an amazing variety of locations, subjects and situations.

This library is widely used by clients including newspapers and magazines, PR, design and advertising agencies, planning and environmental consultants, surveyors, construction companies, property consultants, scientific and academic bodies, environment agencies, national and local government organisations and many others.

Our Aerial Photography Solutions Library will shortly be launched as an on-line service, through which you will be able to directly access, view and download aerial photographs on demand. In the meantime we can deal promptly with any enquiries received by telephone or E-mail and can often reply by return.